Richard Gasquet: Current Davis Cup format will not survive for too long

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Richard Gasquet: Current Davis Cup format will not survive for too long

France's Richard Gasquet believes the ITF will make changes to the Davis Cup and return the competition to "something more in its old spirit." The ITF made big changes to the Davis Cup in 2019 -- most notably eliminating the home and away ties.

“I think it (Davis Cup) will return, in two-three years, to something more in its old spirit. I don’t see how it’s possible to keep it the way it is,” Gasquet told L'Equipe, as quoted on Tennis Majors.

France Davis Cup captain Sebastien Grosjean would like to see the return of the home and away ties. “I think it’s time to sit down with the authorities and the players to see how we can bring the Davis Cup back to the home-and-away format, to find a formula that will allow it to be integrated into the calendar and for the best players to come and play it,” Grosjean said.

“I’m all for it. Now we need everyone’s will to make it happen. And, if possible, it should be done before the [2022] calendar is established”.

Like Gasquet, Novak Djokovic also spoke about the format

“Davis Cup went from one extreme to the other a few years ago, when the whole competition was held in one city (Madrid), which I did not like at all,” Djokovic told Serbian journalists in Turin.

“On the other hand, I do not think that the old format is the best solution either. My vote goes to something in between, something similar to what they are trying to do now”. Djokovic offered a suggestion on what he would add to the Davis Cup.

“Actually, I would add three more hosts, so that there is a group in each city, followed by a knockout phase in one city. Also, I would change the hosts every two years, just like I would do with the ATP Finals: I feel that these two competitions represent a great opportunity to take our sport in places where it is not that popular at the moment, which would be good for promotion”.