ATP Cup to be staged in Sydney, Brisbane International canceled

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ATP Cup to be staged in Sydney, Brisbane International canceled

Tennis Australia has announced that the ATP Cup will take place in Sydney, while the Brisbane International will not be taking place for a second consecutive year. The ATP Cup held its inaugural edition in 2020 and it was staged on multiple locations.

This year, the ATP Cup was staged at Melbourne Park. In 2022, the ATP Cup will be taking place in Sydney. On the other side, the Brisbane International was canceled for the second year in a row.

The ATP Cup gets the green but not Brisbane

“We have worked closely with both the women’s and men’s Tours and would like to particularly thank our government partners across the country who have all been tireless in their efforts to bring the tennis back in 2022,” Tennis Australia CEO Craig Tiley said.

“I know it was sorely missed this year, and we are already planning to have a full program of events across the country in 2023. “It is not news to anyone that the pandemic, closed borders and varying rates of vaccination created a massive challenge for us and led to the changes specifically for the summer.

“It’s why we waited as long as possible to secure optimal conditions for the players and fans in as many locations as we could”. Over the last decade, Brisbane has been one of the most popular tournaments leading-up to the Australian Open.

Unfortunately for the tournament organizers, they will not be hosting some of the biggest names of the game in 2022. “Brisbane is part of the lead-in tours to the Australian Open and we want to continue to be a part of that,” Brisbane tournament director Mark Handley said earlier this month.

“We’ve been a major venue in hosting international players for 11 years. “Last year we could not get it off the ground, but we are hopeful we can this year and we are hopeful that we can another 11 years leading into the Olympics."