Kei Nishikori's harassing training against his neighbors wall!

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Kei Nishikori's harassing training against his neighbors wall!

Kei Nishikori is certainly one of the most unfortunate players on the ATP Tour. The Japanese, former number 4 in the world, is according to many colleagues one of the strongest players in circulation, but in recent years he has not been able to demonstrate his value at 100%, thanks to the many injuries that have affected the career of he.

The 31-year-old Japanese, winner of 12 ATP tournaments, also played in the final of the US Open 2014, lost to Croatian Cilic. Recently Nadal also praised the Japanese tennis player in an interview with Number One. "Kei is obviously a top player having played for a long time in the Tour.

Unfortunately he was hampered by repeated injuries. Without these injuries he can certainly be one of the top five players and regularly play the semifinals in the Grand Slams," said Rafa. In 2021 in particular, Nishikori played very little, playing his last game at the Indian Wells master 1000 and had to forfeit San Diego, Vienna, the Paris and Stockholm Masters.

Now the 31-year-old occupies the 47th position in the world rankings.

Kei Nishikori's harassing training against his neighbors wall!

Nishikori hopes to be able to return in 2022, and is already preparing the new season to try to get back competitive.

The Japanese, during his appearance at a Wilson Tennis Japan event, talked about his childhood and his curious training. The Japanese talked about his youth training sessions with a smile. "When I was a kid I always hit my balls against the wall after school, but the wall in my house was a little low, so I smacked against the wall of the neighboring house in secret hoping that the neighbors would not come home sooner!" revealed Nishikori.

The tennis player, eliminated in the quarter-finals of the home Olympics, then declared that he was disappointed by the lack of people in the stands due to covid: "Usually it doesn't bother me to play without crowd, I can stay focused even behind closed doors, but only for the Olympics, I would have liked to have the crowd." However, the Japanese is now ready to return and energized for next season: "It's been a long year, I come from an injury and I can't wait for the offseason to arrive.

Also, I'm looking forward to some strong preseason training to make 2022 a great year. Thanks for all the support," concluded Kei.