Tennis Australia sustains massive net loss, takes loan to get through to 2022 AO

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Tennis Australia sustains massive net loss, takes loan to get through to 2022 AO

Tennis Australia suffered a massive net loss in the 15 months before this year's delayed and COVID-19 affected Australian Open. Tennis Australia's 2020-2021 annual report showed the governing body of tennis in Australia sustained a net loss of more than $100 million, as revealed on the Australian Broadcast Corporation.

Tennis Australia lost a lot of money on flying players from around the world and quarantining them in hotels for two weeks. Restricted crowds, as well as a lockdown than saw the stands being empty for five days. didn't help either.

Per the Australian Broadcast Corporation, Tennis Australia took out a loan of $40 million to help them get through to next year's tournament.

Tennis Australia banned unvaccinated players

Two weeks ago the Australian Open confirmed only fully vaccinated players will be able to compete at Melbourne Park and since then everyone has been curious to see what will happen with Novak Djokovic's participation.

“We have been speaking to Novak and his team and they understand clearly that in order to come and play in the Australian Open they need to be fully vaccinated,” Tennis Australia CEO Craig Tiley said. “They know that it’s a condition for everyone, not just the players, but the fans and all the staff and he had indicated that it’s a private decision for him and at the right time he will tell us.

“I know that he wants to play, he’s clearly indicated that and he knows the conditions that he would have to undergo in order to be eligible to play”. Victoria Premier Dan Andrews was the main man behind the decision to ban unvaccinated players from playing at the Australian Open.

“It’s been made very clear, when the premier announced several weeks ago that in order to participate at the Australian Open, to come into Victoria, you’ll need to be fully vaccinated,” Tiley said.

“Immediately we communicated that to the playing group. It is the one direction that you take that can ensure everyone’s safety. “All the playing group understands it. Our patrons will need to be vaccinated, all the staff working the Australian Open will need to be vaccinated, when you’re in a state where there is more than 90 percent of the population fully vaccinated, it’s the right thing to do”.