Reilly Opelka takes shot at ATP over 'conflicts of interest'

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Reilly Opelka takes shot at ATP over 'conflicts of interest'

World No. 26 Reilly Opelka suggested that the ATP has structural problems and conflicts of interest. Last Wednesday, the WTA suspended all tournaments scheduled to take place in China next year. The WTA failed to get a verifiable proof that Peng Shuai was safe and well and decided to take a major stand against China.

The ATP released a statement a day later but there was no mentioning of suspending tournaments in China. "Hearing this again and again, ATP players of all tiers and ages support the WTA [on its stance with China],” Sports Illustrated's Jon Wertheim tweeted.

“[They] are surprised/disenchanted by the invertebrate stance [from the ATP]. It’s largely the tournament board reps preventing a firmer response.2

Opelka responded to the original tweet

“Throwback to when people got mad at me for complaining about the ATP and its conflicts of interest,” one tweet from Opelka reads, replying to another on an ATP tournament representative.

Opelka didn't stop there as he said in another tweet: “This is our second conflict of interest.

Not taking shots at Gavin [Forbes] here, just the structure of the ATP."

Peng went missing in China a month ago and the WTA put human rights above money when they decided to suspend tournaments in China.

The ATP hasn't decided to go that route so far. "The situation involving Peng Shuai continues to raise serious concerns within and beyond our sport. The response to those concerns has so far fallen short. We again urge for a line of open direct communication between the player and the WTA in order to establish a clearer picture of her situation," ATP Chairman Andrea Gaudenzi said in a statement released last Thursday.

"We know that sport can have a positive influence on society and generally believe that having a global presence gives us the best chance of creating opportunity and making an impact. We will continue to consult with our members and monitor any developments as this issue evolves."