Sebastian Grosjean, Julien Benneteau remain captains of French teams

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Sebastian Grosjean, Julien Benneteau remain captains of French teams

Sebastian Grosjean will remain the team captain of the French Davis Cup team, while Julien Benneteau stays the team captain of the French Billie Jean King Cup team, the French Tennis Federation confirmed on Thursday. French teams didn't enjoy success at this year's Davis Cup Finals and Billie Jean King Cup but Grosjean and Benneteau won't be paying the ultimate price.

France failed to make it past the group stage at both events -- results that weren't satisfying for the French Tennis Federation. Grosjean made a weird decision before the Davis Cup Finals as he left out top-ranked French tennis player Gael Monfils.

"Gael understands my choice to mix youth and experience.(...) I do not rule out making changes the team before the start, as the regulations allow, especially if Gael does great at Bercy," Grosjean said.

Monfils also reflected on the Grosjean decision

"Sebastien Grosjean and I had discussions about this, and he wanted me to recover.

If there is a playoff in February, I'll be there. I'll be selected. I think that Sebastien has made his decision. We have had a lot of discussions, as he told you certainly. He's the captain. He decided to let me recover, blow off some steam," Monfils explained.

Grosjean was a member of the French team that won the 2001 Davis Cup in Melbourne. "I have amazing memories,” recalled Grosjean before this year's Davis Cup Finals. “Australia was fantastic and even though it was far from France, the impact at home was big.

“The atmosphere in Melbourne was amazing, as was the team spirit in the French team and everything was perfect in the end. Twenty years later, I still have tremendous memories and share those with my team-mates. “Even though I have been retired for more than a decade, I still have great memories of that final."