Italian Erik Crepaldi is safe after the terrible car accident

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Italian Erik Crepaldi is safe after the terrible car accident

The story that upset the life of him and his loved ones a little bit took place on the evening of Thursday 16 September: a very bad road accident in Busonengo, in the province of Vercelli (Northern Italy), saw him involved and even worse.

The consequences were the transfer to the Maggiore hospital in Novara on a confidential prognosis, the risk fortunately averted of further deterioration and three months spent in hospital. Erik Crepaldi has finally climbed one of the tallest and steepest mountains of his entire life, managing to put an end to an almost interminable nightmare at one point.

A head injury had led the 31-year-old tennis player to be hospitalized urgently, even remaining in a pharmacological coma until 7 October. Then his situation improved as the days passed and the danger slowly returned.ù

The most important victory of the career

Now, after three months, the Piedmontese player was finally able to return home and hug his girlfriend Federica Prati, the family and the whole city, who supported him from the first moment, so that he could fight like a lion and recover as soon as possible.

The number 673 of the ATP ranking achieved the most important affirmation of his entire career, worth more than the 2000 points of a Grand Slam victory. As a warrior and great fighter, he was able to overcome a very complicated and delicate circumstance, which really kept many people in suspense, including other tennis players on the circuit such as Fabio Fognini, who had sent his message of encouragement to Erik on his social channels after the incident.

Happiness and relief also expressed by the girl Federica, also a professional player, who updated the fans on the health conditions of her partner: "Yes, we did it. We're officially out! A few weeks ago it seemed unthinkable.

This morning we woke up and looked out the window, it seemed like a dream!" she commented through a post that appeared on Instagram. A story that has found its happy ending. It is now legitimate to hope, after the great fear, that Crepaldi will soon return to the tennis courts.

Pic by Vigili del Fuoco