Vasek Pospisil slams 'ignorant' ATP Chairman over comments on Challenger Tour

Pospisil wasn't a fan of the comments Andrea Gaudenzi made on the Challenger Tour.

by Dzevad Mesic
Vasek Pospisil slams 'ignorant' ATP Chairman over comments on Challenger Tour

Vasek Pospisil slammed ATP Chairman Andrea Gaudenzi for the comments he made on the Challenger Tour. “In the Challenger Tour you should be able to at least break even and pay your costs. But you have to be conscious that this is sort of like a university.

It’s an investment. Then go and move into the pro tour where you have a job," Gaudenzi said, per Tennishead. “I don’t think it will ever be possible to have a sustainable tour at that level [the Challenger Tour] simply because it lacks the interest of the fans and the engagement of the sponsors, broadcasters and ticket revenues." Pospisil, one of the founders of the Professional Tennis Players' Association, thinks Gaudenzi feels it's okay for only the top-100 players to make a living.

"This is incredibly ignorant from the so-called leader of the ATP and the sport of tennis. A multi-billion dollar industry yet this man feels it’s ok for only the top 100 players to make a living. This is what happens when you completely monopolize the sport," Pospisil tweeted in a response to the Gaudenzi comments.

Pospisil accused the ATP of spreading lies

Recently, Pospisil claimed the ATP were spreading lies about the PTPA. "There are some many conflicts. The games have been very dirty at the ATP. The things that I’ve heard them say about us and what we are trying to do and what we are doing in the background just all lies.

The stuff I’ve heard, the PTPA are trying start their own tour, lies," Pospisil recently said. Also, Pospisil suggested the ATP fear the PTPA. "They are saying that we are paying players to sign up with us. That’s just shows how scared they are of players having a say, having a voice….

They have completely monopolized the sport…. They have done an amazing job to maintain the control, and that has hurt the sport in a huge way," Pospisil claimed.

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