Roberto Bautista Agut signs up to play Montpellier

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Roberto Bautista Agut signs up to play Montpellier

World No. 19 Roberto Bautista Agut has signed up to play Montpellier, per Michal Samulski. Bautista Agut, a former world No. 9, is set to make his third appearance in Montpellier. Bautista Agut won three qualifying matches in 2012 to make his main draw debut in Montpellier.

Bautista Agut returned to Montpellier this year and made the final before losing to David Goffin. Bautista Agut is the third player confirmed for Montpellier as Gael Monfils and Felix Auger-Aliassime are also expected to play.

Bautista Agut, 33, still has the passion for the game

“You have to keep the flame burning. Personally I think you have to nurture your passion, take care of it,” Bautista Agut told the ATP website. “After what happened at the Davis Cup I had three days of holiday, then I started to work straight away.

I’m not short on desire! I’m looking forward to having a good year next year and to continuing to compete at the top”. Bautista Agut is hoping to have another consistent season and make some good results.

“Firstly, to have a consistent year,” said Bautista Agut, "My second wish is to be able to enjoy tennis and the level of my play, to come off court and feel good about myself and the standard of my game. “To do that, you have to have a lot of desire, to be very professional, train every day with a goal.

There is a key expression that I like to repeat to myself: I have to live and breathe tennis. This sport demands a lot. There has been a change of generation, there are very young people that are already at the top with a different style of tennis to that of a few years ago.

Facing that is extra motivation for me. I’m happy to be there for another year and to fight for the top positions again as I have done in recent years”.