Injury forces Kei Nishikori out of Australian Open

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Injury forces Kei Nishikori out of Australian Open
Injury forces Kei Nishikori out of Australian Open (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Former world No. 4 Kei Nishikori has withdrawn from the Australian Open and the entire Australian swing. Nishikori has been battling a hip injury since the end of last year and he is not ready to kick off his season in January.

Nishikori, now ranked at No. 47 in the world, is a four-time Australian Open quarterfinalist. "Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you a healthy and happy 2022," Nishikori started his statement. "A little update from me that is less positive unfortunately.

Since the end of last year I have been struggling with my hip. It's not 100% recovered yet and I will have to pull out of the Aussie swing. "This is very disappointing as the Australian Open feels like my home Grand Slam. The Asian Grand Slam.

And can't wait to be back next year. I'm working hard on my recovery and will do everything I can to be back on the court soon. "Thanks for your support."

Nishikori's motivation for tennis hasn't changed

Nishikori turned 32 in December and he also recently became a father.

Nishikori was asked if his motivation chanegd after becoming a father. "My motivation for tennis has not changed, it's not affected by fatherhood. For me motivation for raising a child or love for my child has nothing to do with motivation for tennis at all at the moment," Nishikori told Nikkan Sports.

"I have not felt like I'm gonna work hard for my child. I occasionally change my baby's diaper...praying it's not a poo every time. "My motivation has not changed, but I've been struggling for a long time since last year (probably he means 2020), for the longest time in my career I couldn't get back my tennis. From March to August I was worried I could never come back, had many concerns, it was tough."

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