Pierre-Hugues Herbert tests positive for virus, experiencing 'minor symptoms'

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Pierre-Hugues Herbert tests positive for virus, experiencing 'minor symptoms'

French tennis player Pierre-Hugues Herbert announced that he has tested positive for COVID-19. Herbert, a former world No. 36, was hoping to start his season at the Forli Challenger. Herbert, now ranked at No. 110 in the world, revealed he is feeling minor symptoms at the moment.

"Unfortunately I will not be able to travel to Forli 2&3, Italy next week as I have tested positive for COVID-19. I'm feeling well and only have minor symptoms at the moment. Hope to be back soon competing on the tennis court," Herbert announced.

Herbert spoke about the Novak Djokovic situation

After Djokovic announced he was granted a medical exemption, Herbert weighed in on the situation. Herbert predicted Djokovic wouldn't be greeted pleasantly in Australia and he was tight.

"I'm not shocked, nor do I feel wronged," Herbert told L'Equipe. "I don't think he is the only one who has got one [an exemption]. And I would not like to be in his place when he gets off the flight, because I don't think he will be greeted like a No.

1 in the world. "If his exemption was accepted, it was for valid reasons. Having experienced the rigorousness of the Australian Open the previous year, I thought the answer would be negative. And I'm surprised, pleasantly."

Herbert admitted he didn't apply for a medical exemption because he didn't have a valid reason for it. "No, I didn't have a valid reason,'' he said, adding that he had had an ultrasound which revealed no problems and been tested for antibodies and been negative.

Herbert hasn't closed the door on getting vaccinated. "I haven't yet succeeded in getting myself vaccinated. It's a debate I have with myself every day," Herbert said, adding that he was "shooting myself in the foot, but I'm free to refuse to get vaccinated."