Jeremy Chardy returns to practice court four months after vaccine complications

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Jeremy Chardy returns to practice court four months after vaccine complications

Former world No. 25 Jeremy Chardy returned to the practice four months after a negative reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine. Chardy, 34, last played at the US Open, where he lost in the first round. "After a difficult period, I feel much better and ready to go back to practice," Chardy said in an Instagram post.

"I know it will be a long and difficult path but I’m ready for the challenge and I will try to come back to my best level. "My goal is to be fit and competitive for the clay court season. "I will give my best like I always did during my career.

"Thanks to my team, my family, my friends, my sponsors and all the people who are always supporting me in the good and the bad moments. "I really appreciate it. "Happy new year 2022 to everyone. "Stay safe and healthy."

Chardy had a negative reaction to the vaccine

After taking the jav, Chardy claimed he was having lots of problems. “Since I got my vaccine, I have a problem, I have a lot of problems. As a result, I can’t train, I can’t play,” Chardy told AFP in September.

“I don’t know what to do,” Chardy said. “The problem is that we have no hindsight on the vaccine. There are people who had similar [side-effects], but the durations [of the issues] were really different."

After being forced to end his season due to the vaccine complication, Chardy admitted he feared the end was near for him. “I turn 35 in February so for the moment I’m maybe a little bit negative, but this is the first time the idea that next season might be my last has crossed my mind.

I’m thinking about it… It’s difficult because I was enjoying myself and I wanted to play longer," Chardy revealed.