Bernard Tomic tests positive two days after mid-match virus rant

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Bernard Tomic tests positive two days after mid-match virus rant

Former world No. 17 Bernard Tomic has tested positive for COVID-19. Tomic, now ranked at No. 257 in the world, suffered a 6-1 6-4 loss to Roman Safiullin in his Australian Open qualifying opener. After losing the first set in just 23 minutes, Tomic told umpire he would test positive for COVID-19 after the match.

“I’m sure in the next two days I’ll test positive, I’m telling you,” Tomic said. “I’ll buy you dinner if I don’t test positive in three days. Otherwise, you buy me dinner. “I cannot believe nobody’s getting tested.

They’re allowing players to come on the court with rapid tests in their room. Come on. “No official PCR testing”.

Tomic returned to his hotel and started isolation

“Feeling really sick. I’m now back in my hotel room,” Tomic said on Instagram after the match.

“Just spoke to the doctors on site and they’ve asked me to isolate. They couldn’t treat me yet to avoid contact. “Thank you all for the support on the court today. I really appreciate it! I’ll do better next time.

Very disappointed as I really wanted to make Aussies proud and perform well on my home turf”. Before the season started, Tomic spoke about how determined he was to return to top this year. "I’ve had a lot of hate in my life.

But I can’t give up. You don’t think I see the hate comments? It hurts," Tomic said in December. “In the past I used to let it get to me and react out of stupidity. But now I’m using it as fuel. “I’m back.

I’m hungry, and I’m ready. No one can stop me now, but me. “I’m training, I’m sweating, I’m pushing, I’m fired up. Whatever it takes to get back on top. "Hard work pays off. I’ve put my blood sweat and tears into this sport. I have come back before. It’s time to set the record straight."