Juan Martin Del Potro's father allegedly stole $30 million from Juan Martin

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Juan Martin Del Potro's father allegedly stole $30 million from Juan Martin

Daniel del Potro reportedly stole nearly $30 million from his son Juan Martin, relevision presenter Karina Mazzocco revealed. After del Potro's father died, the former world No. 3 reportedly found about the million-dollar debts Daniel was in.

Daniel was in charge of Juan Martin's finance from the beginning of his career. “In the bank, he should not have more than 3 million dollars. It’s a lot of money, of course, but he thought he never had to work again in his life when he realized this disaster," Mazzocco revealed, as quoted on Essentially Sports.

“Del Potro’s father, a veterinarian by profession, swindled his own son. Juan found himself with the worst scenario when he got into the numbers."

Del Potro was heartbroken following his father's death

“You left us here with a broken heart, but we know that you are resting in peace as you deserve.

Now you have joined your other angel, and I ask you to please take care of us and guide Mom, my sister, and me from heaven," del Potro said in an Instagram post last year. Del Potro has had four knee surgeries since 2019 but he is hoping to return to the court this year.

“I love the challenge,” Del Potro told ESPN of his injury struggles. “It could be a tennis challenge or a different challenge in life. “This is the toughest match of my career, because I cannot deal with these kind of injuries, this pain that I have now.

But I’m still trying and trying. “This is the life. I believe in myself that this is going to be in the past for sure. “But I think it’s also a message to the young kids, to all the players, to all the people around the world that they never have to give up following a dream and that’s what I’m doing with myself."