Andrey Rublev: Not true I was positive when I landed in Australia

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Andrey Rublev: Not true I was positive when I landed in Australia

Andrey Rublev has clarified himself, saying he and his team returned negative COVID-19 tests before flying to Australia. On Thursday, Sport Klub published a story in which Rublev claimed he was allowed to enter Australia while still COVID-19 positive.

“I am not being tested personally now because I just got over the coronavirus. When I flew to Australia, I was still positive, but the level of Covid SS, as it is called, I will not lie, it was very low and not dangerous,” Rublev told Sport Klub.

“I was allowed to enter the country. In addition, I spent more than ten days in quarantine."

Rublev releases a statement after drawing too much attention

"I passed my first positive test a few days before the official statement on social networks, which I made because I respect the audience and fans, I think they should know why I wasn't at the ATP Cup," Rublev said in a statement.

"I immediately isolated myself. The rules in Spain are very simple -- quarantine is 10 days. All this time I didn't leave the house. I started training a few days before my flight to Australia. "The team and I flew to Melbourne, observing all protocols.

Quarantine was over, vaccinations were delivered. We immediately passed the antigen test. The result was negative. So I could move freely. "By the way, before Australia, by the end of quarantine, all my antigen tests were also negative.

And before the flight to Melbourne, the tests were also negative. "The Ct level was around at 35. This is not dangerous for others and means that i'm not a carrier of the disease. Despite this, I was quarantined for 10 days.

All this time I was in touch with doctors, representatives of the tournament. I didn't break any rule. "I would never put other people's lives in danger. I'm a person who is responsible for my actions. I'm sorry that the published information sometimes loses its meaning, and my previous story turned out bo be very crumpled. I hope now I have managed to convey my thoughts correctly."