Alex de Minaur reacts to reports claiming he obtained a fake vaccination passport

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Alex de Minaur reacts to reports claiming he obtained a fake vaccination passport

Australian tennis star Alex de Minaur insists he is fully vaccinated and the reports suggesting that he had obtained a false COVID-19 vaccine card are simply not true. On Thursday, it was reported in Spanish media that de Minaur is being investigated by the National Police for allegedly being one of the benefactors of the COVID-19 passports falsified by the recently dismantled plot.

"Hi everyone. Wanted to write a quick message here to avoid any misunderstanding regarding a report that is in the Spanish media about my vaccination certificate. I received my first dose of the vaccine in London last summer, and the second one at the Hospital La Paz in Madrid.

News came out today that the hospital is under investigation for providing falsified covid certificates to some of its patients. I want to make it 100% clear that I received my second shot, that I have a completely valid, accurate and true vaccination record.

Everyone around me, including me, is fully vaccinated. I'm not 'under investigation' in any way as is being suggested and my name is connected to this story simply because i was a patient at the hospital (as many thousands of others were)," de Minaur said in a note posted on his Twitter account.

De Minaur taking a week off

Meanwhile, de Minaur played in Rotterdam last week, where he made the quarterfinal before losing to Stefanos Tsitsipas. After claiming a 6-4 6-4 win over de Minaur, Tsitsipas admitted he was "surprised" by de Minaur.

“There were moments where I was hitting the ball really hard and [de Minaur] surprised me a few times,’ Tsitsipas admitted following the victory. “After playing with a lot of intensity and the right footwork, almost hitting the lines back-to-back, he was [still] able to get those balls back”. De Minaur was scheduled to play in Doha this week but he pulled out of the tournament.