Rennae Stubbs rips Alexander Zverev, calls for ATP to give him long ban and big fine

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Rennae Stubbs rips Alexander Zverev, calls for ATP to give him long ban and big fine

Former doubles world No. 1 Rennae Stubbs described Alexander Zverev's behavior in Acapulco as "disgusting" and called for the ATP to hand the German a major fine and suspension. Zverev wasn't happy with some of the calls in the match tie-break of his and Marcelo Melo's doubles opener in Acapulco and he started hurling obscenities and even called the chair umpire an "idiot."

After he and Melo lost the match, Zverev slammed his racket multiple times on the umpire's chair. "THIS IS DISGUSTING! There have been some pretty bad episodes on court with players this may be THE WORST abuse of an umpire I have ever seen!

Pliskova belted the umpire chair but it was NOWHERE NEAR the actual umpire, this on the other hand. He should be banned 4 months for this," Stubbs wrote on Twitter. I want to say, I was NOT the best example of a chilled tennis player myself, I had my moments & there were times I wanted to pull the umpire out of the chair, (the reason I love electronic line calling) but clearly I never did because I had a boundary in knowing there are limits!

We are all pushed as tennis players on court where we feel like we got screwed & it may cost us matches (again why I like ELC) BUT we know as players, there is a limit to our anger and its why rules are in place. Hitting lines people with balls or racquets etc etc, instant DQ."

Stubbs: Zverev deserves a hefty fine

Zverev was disqualified from the Acapulco singles event, where he made the round-of-16. "BUT to do this after the match is finished is absolutely unacceptable. I was once told by an umpire "s--- happens" on a terrible call & I was FURIUS at that umpire, because it very well cost us the match BUT instead of almost belting her with my racquet, I reported her to the WTA," Stubbs continued.

"if you think an umpire messed up, u can take that up with the tour but doing this was outrageous.He should be banned for months & if he isn't, it will be a travesty. Also, he should be fined 6 figures & that money should go to a domestic violence charity, whats say u @atptour."