ITF releases statement regarding Russia's invasion of Ukraine

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ITF releases statement regarding Russia's invasion of Ukraine

The ITF has postponed an ITF World Tennis Tour M15 event that is scheduled for April and is also suspending all tournaments scheduled to take place in Russia. On Thursday, Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine. Sports events scheduled to take place in Russia are getting suspended so ITF's decision to suspend ITF tournaments scheduled for Russia should not come as a surprise.

"Our first and highest priority is to protect the safety of tennis players and all those travelling to and participating at ITF events," the ITF's statement read. "Due to heightened security concerns, the ITF has postponed the ITF World Tennis Tour M15 event due to take place in Ukraine this April and has cancelled all ITF events taking place in Russia indefinitely.

"We will continue to monitor this situation closely and review on an ongoing basis. Any further course of action will be decided based on a thorough risk assessment and the advice we receive from security experts and the relevant authorities."

Ukrainian tennis players called out the Russian invasion

One of the Ukrainian players that reacted to the situation was Illya Marchenko. "In 2014 they brought their 'peace' to Crimea, Lugans and my hometown Donetsk," Marchenko said in a note posted on his Twitter account.

"Now they are bringing it it to the whole country of Ukraine.the world to be aware of what impact Russia's invasion of Ukraine could have. "To the rest of the world: If you think this won't affect you or your alliance will protect you...

Just think about this - Ukraine has a population of around 40 million, over 250000 in military forces, and yet it doesn't stop him (Russian president Vladimir Putin). So take a look at the defence power of YOUR country and remind yourself how united everyone was at the beginning of the pandemics... SANCTIONS ARE NOT ENOUGH."