Sergiy Stakhovsky to join Ukrainian army and fight Russian invasion

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Sergiy Stakhovsky to join Ukrainian army and fight Russian invasion

Ukrainian tennis player Sergiy Stakhovsky is attempting to get back to Ukraine and join the army so he can help his country in their fight against the Russian invasion. On Thursday, Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine.

Stakhovsky, a former world No. 31, is currently helping his wife and children safely get to Hungary. Stakhovsky, whose lone appearance in 2022 came in the Australian Open qualifying event, has no military experience but he has a experience with handling a gun.

"Of course, I would fight, it's the only reason I'm trying to get back," Stakhovsky told Sky News. "I signed up for the reserves last week. I don't have military experience but I do have experience with a gun privately.

"My dad and brother are surgeons, they are stressed out, but I speak to them frequently - they sleep in the basement."

Stakhovsky urges the world to speak against the Russian invasion

There have been tensions between Russia and Ukraine since 2014.

Stakhovsky says the Ukrainians tried to warn the world that something like this could happen but no one believed them. "It makes the world of difference to our armed forces that they are not alone at least in a media environment, but let's be realistic here, it's been eight years of war with Russia, where was all of this for eight years?" Stakhovsky added.

"None of us believed that this could happen, and yet it happened. "None of the European leaders or the world is ready to help, ready to put the fight in Ukraine maybe for a better Europe in the future, because once Ukraine is lost, we will resist.

"But let's be realistic, Russia is a 140 million [population] country which spreads from Europe all the way back to Alaska, It's going to be very hard to resist that much."