Ukrainian TF calls for ITF to ban Russian players from competing in events

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Ukrainian TF calls for ITF to ban Russian players from competing in events

The Ukrainian Tennis Federation has called for the ITF and Tennis Europe to ban Russia from organizing any tennis events and to also ban their players from competing in both team and individual events. "President of the International tennis federation," the letter said.

"Mr. David Haggerty "Ukrainian Tennis Federation expresses its demand to the International Tennis Federation to immediately expel the Russian Tennis Federation and Belarus tennis federation from its membership in the ITF.

Probably the reasons should not be explained, but here are some facts: "The unprecedented, cynical and bloody attack of Russia and Belarus on Ukraine has been going on for four days now. Civilians are dying, including women and children; civilian infrastructure is collapsing.

This is a full-scale war that will push our country back decades. All this is happening in the geographical center of Europe. The world has not known anything like this since World War II. There is a ruthless war of extermination.

"Russia and Belarus have no right not only to hold international competitions on their territories, but also to participate in all ITF team and individual tournaments abroad. Board of the Ukrainian Tennis Federation hopes for your strong position in consideration of this demand."

Russia's Daniil Medvedev, Andrey Rublev called for peace

After one of his wins in Doha last week, Rublev wrote on the camera lens: "No war please." On Sunday, new world No. 1 Medvedev also called for peace and unity in the world.

Medvedev recalled him being a kid with dreams and said the kids now shouldn't have their dreams taken away from them. “They all have their dreams, their life is just starting, so many nice experiences to come: first friends, first great emotions.

Everything they feel and see if for the first time in their lives. That's why I want to ask for peace in the world world, for peace between countries. Kids are born with inner trust in the world, they believe so much in everything: in people, in love, in safety and justice, in their chances in life," Medvedev wrote. "Let's be together and show them that it's true, cause every kid shouldn't stop dreaming."