Gael Monfils: It was not easy to see wife Elina Svitolina cry every night

Monfils giving his best to be the best support for Svitolina.

by Dzevad Mesic
Gael Monfils: It was not easy to see wife Elina Svitolina cry every night

French tennis star Gael Monfils admitted the last couple of weeks haven't been easy for his family but added he has been giving his best to show his wife Elina Svitolina all the support she needs. On February 24, Russia started their invasion of Ukraine.

Svitolina publicly spoke out against the war multiple times as she admitted she's heartbroken and devastated over what's happening in her home country. "It's not easy to see my wife a couple weeks ago crying every night.

It was tough. Of course, I was, and I'm being there for her every day, for her, for the family. Quite a lot of family still there. It's tough to describe because I'm in it. I'm in it," Monfils said, per Mario Boccardi. "But we try to manage it the best way that we can.

And definitely for myself, you know, I try to be the shoulder, to be everything that she can lean on, and definitely to my second family, you know, I do anything for them to make them happy, safe, and everything that I can do."

Monfils on Naomi Osaka being heckled

Osaka was visibly upset after being heckled by a fan during her Indian Wells second round match.

Osaka got upset, started crying and wanted the heckler thrown out. "Of course our job make it in the way, but at the end you can be a superstar, but you're a 24-years-old girl and it's not easy. No one can tell you when you walk on the court.

When the people scream the name you don't have goosebumps," Monfils said. "There's no chance. So imagine when the people start to be negative, it's really hard. And we all have this at some stage and it's not easy. So I hope she will find peace for her and then I hope she won't let this go too far because she's a real champion."

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