Coach Patrick Mouratoglou weighs in on Alexander Zverev Acapulco meltdown

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Coach Patrick Mouratoglou weighs in on Alexander Zverev Acapulco meltdown

Coach Patrick Mouratoglou acknowledged what Alexander Zverev did in Acapulco wasn't right but thinks with time the people will get over it. Zverev had a stunning melltdown in Acapulco, calling the chair umpire an "idiot" and smashing his racket multiple times on the umpire's chair.

“When I saw the images of Sascha in Acapulco shouting and hitting the chair umpire’s chair I thought ‘oof, he’s in trouble’,” Mouratoglou said on his YouTube channel. “I realise that he went too far.

It’s one thing to lose your temper, but you still need to have boundaries and he went too far. “In the tennis world where everybody is supposed to be perfect all the time, I think it is bad for his image on the short term.

On the long term people forget”.

Mouratoglou: Some went too far with the Zverev criticism

After the incident, Zverev was disqualified from the Acapulco singles event. Several former players publicly declared that Zverev deserved a hefty fine and a suspension.

Zverev did indeed get a fine and suspension but he will be suspended for eight weeks only if he commits a similar incident in the next 12 months. “I don’t like when someone makes a mistake and everybody jumps on that person and pulls him down," Mouratoglou added.

“I think it was a bit too much, what people said. “I know we are in a sport where people think the athlete should be showing perfection all the time, everything that is not in line with that is shocking to them.

“I am not surprised that people expect heavy sanctions because we are in the tennis. In soccer if there are these types of sanctions 90% of the players won’t play soccer anymore. “He shouted, he hit the chair, it’s wrong, it’s a mistake, he said that, he’s going to have a punishment, it’s fine. We all learn by making mistakes”.