Alexandr Dolgopolov: This is war, I might kill someone or get killed

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Alexandr Dolgopolov: This is war, I might kill someone or get killed

Former Ukrainian tennis star Alexandr Dolgopolov is prepared for the worst as he admits there is a chance he will get killed in the war. After making sure his mother and sister safely got to Turkey, Dolgopolov returned to Ukraine to defend his country.

"Maybe I’ll be killed. Maybe I have to kill. What can I say? This is war," Dolgopolov said. "This has gotten to a magnitude where Russia is really threatening world war and the death toll is very high—tens of thousands of people.

Russian soldiers. The Ukrainian soldiers. Ukrainian civilians. They are getting murdered, thousands of them."

Dolgopolov hopes tennis takes a stronger stance

Russia and Belarus have been banned from competing in team events such as the Davis Cup and Billie Jean King Cup but Russian and Belarusian players have been allowed to continue competing in international events.

However, they do not compete under the name or flag of Russia and Belarus. "So this is getting closer to a genocide. And for this, I think that every reaction possible [should be deployed]. I hope tennis will take a stronger stand like FIFA has done," Dolgopolov added.

Dolgopolov didn't have any prior military experience and he didn't know how to handle a gun or a rifle. Dolgopolov met with an ex-soldier, who taught him how to shoot. "By that time I already started practicing shooting, and I was very lucky, that an ex professional soldier teached me for 5-7 days.

They were really happy to help, once they heard my goal, big thanks to our friends from Turkey," Dolgopolov wrote in a message posted on his Instagram. "I'm not Rambo in a week, but quite comfortable with the weapons, and can hit the head three out of five times, from 25 meters in a calm, practice environment."