Patrick Mouratoglou comments on Andy Murray - Ivan Lendl reunion

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Patrick Mouratoglou comments on Andy Murray - Ivan Lendl reunion

Coach Patrick Mouratoglou admitted he was surprised by the Andy Murray and Ivan Lendl reunion and added what the Briton is doing is inspirational. Murray, who has had two major hip surgeries over the last few years, is past his prime and will be turning 35 this May.

However, he is still giving his absolute best and trying to reach the old heights. "I was very surprised that Andy [Murray] and Ivan [Lendl] started to work together again simply because they broke up two times already,” Mouratoglou explained to Sky Sports.

“It’s more difficult for Andy to win a Grand Slam now because of his surgery, but Ivan is probably excited to see his motivation. “What Andy is doing is super-inspiring but he’s always been inspiring.

"Winning three Grand Slams at a time when those three guys are playing – Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic – it’s incredible! “Being able to reach number one in the world with those three guys playing is also incredible.

“He’s shown in the past how dedicated he is to this game and how much of a crazy hard fighter he is”.

Murray hopes to achieve more Grand Slam success

Murray won three Grand Slam titles during his first two stints with Lendl.

Lendl was the coach with which Murray achieved his biggest success and that's why the Briton reunited with the coach once again. "I think it’s great because they’ve made wonders in the past together and I think it’s a nice message because it’s probably the last part of Andy’s career," Mouratoglou added.

“For them to end their career together, I think it’s very nice”. During his interview, Mouratoglou admitted he doubts Murray can win a Grand Slam again. However, Mouratoglou added there is a chance Murray makes another deep Grand Slam run and reaches a Major quarterfinal or semifinal. “And if he does, then everything is possible,” Mouratoglou concluded.