Prakash Amritraj gives thoughts on Jenson Brooksby incident in Miami

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Prakash Amritraj gives thoughts on Jenson Brooksby incident in Miami

Tennis analyst Prakash Amritraj acknowledged what Jenson Brooksby did wasn't right by any means but added he feels the American deserves a second chance after a sincere apology. A frustrated Brooksby threw his racket, which bounced and hit a ball boy at the Miami Masters.

Brooksby avoided a disqualification and managed to beat Federico Coria 3-6 6-2 6-3 in the Miami second round. Tennis fans weren't too happy about Brooksby only being given a point penalty as many argued that the American definitely deserved to be disqualified.

After the match, Amritraj reflected on the incident during his appearance on Tennis Channel and one angry fan wanted some answers from the former tennis player. "So sad that you pandered to Jenson Brooksby like you did.

How could you sell out like that," a fan asked Amritraj in the comment section on Instagram.

Amritraj: Brooksby admitted he made a mistake and sincerely apologized

Amritraj responded to the fan: "We gave him a chance to explain himself for his obviously poor behavior.

The guy was in tears and apologized and again did it in person with the ball person after. We addressed the issue and moved on to tennis. I didn't feel the need to dig further after that. It would have served no purpose. As far as the sanctions and penalties on him, they are not Tennis Channel's or my resposibility and are out of our control," Amritraj added: "The kid acted terribly and yes majority think he should have been sanctioned harder.

I don't disagree with y'all. But it's not our call, let's just understand he felt like s--- after and was disgusted with his behavior. I'm not remotely making excuses for him but let's just take a minute to remember every stupid thing we did in our early 20s before puffing out your chest and throwing stones from the comfort of your living room, couch."