Taylor Fritz offers encouragement to young kid who often gets down on himself (TWEET)

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Taylor Fritz offers encouragement to young kid who often gets down on himself (TWEET)

A mother of a young kid who is hoping to one day become a pro asked Taylor Fritz to share an advice to her kid and the American tennis star came through. "The hardest sight for a tennis mum. My son gets so down on himself during matches.

Do you have a second to give him some encouragement?" Marisa Reinoso tweeted, tagging Fritz.

Fritz, the top-ranked American tennis player, delivered a nice gesture as he offered some advice and words of encouragament for the young kid.

"My man don’t get worry about it, results don’t matter at this age... what matters is having fun, working hard and improving ur game if you want to be a pro one day, good luck keep working hard and enjoying it," Fritz advised the young kid.

Fritz knows a thing or two about giving his absolute best

Fritz was severely hampered by an ankle injury going into the Indian Wells final.

Fritz was advised by his team to given Rafael Nadal a walkover but he refused and ended up beating Nadal 6-3 7-6 (5). "All three of his team, me, Mike Russell and [fitness trainer] Wolfgang Oswald all said 'Do not play this match.'

He said 'I am playing. I can do this. I want to get out on the court with Rafa and see if I can overcome.' " coach Paul Annacone said on Tennis Channel after the Indian Wells final. Fritz admitted even he was stunned by the performance he was able to deliver, considering the circumstances.

"I can't even begin to describe how ridiculous it is that I was able to play how I could play today," Fritz said after his victory. "I've never experienced worse pain in my life before a match. "We did a lot of work leading up to the match and I went through a roller coaster of emotions before the match, from thinking there was no way I could possibly play to then doing all this work on the ankle, doing so much stuff to it.... I came out here and it didn't really affect me at all."