Nick Kyrgios goes on absolutely epic rant in Miami (WATCH)

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Nick Kyrgios goes on absolutely epic rant in Miami (WATCH)

Nick Kyrgios ranted several times during his Miami round-of-16 match as he wasn't happy with the job chair Carlos Bernardes was doing. Shortly after the match against Jannik SInner started, Kyrgios claimed the playing conditions on Grandstand were different to the ones on Centre Court.

“Anyone going to tell the players that it’s completely different before the event starts?" Kyrgios quipped. “Hey guys just to let you know, Centre Court is completely different to the Grandstand, for some odd reason.

“It may as well be grass and clay, what a joke!”

Kyrgios unloaded at Bernardes

At 4-4 40-15 on Sinner's serve, Kyrgios made a good return but then Bernardes' radio went off and the chair umpire called a let.

Kyrgios couldn't believe what had just happened at a Masters event. “You should be fired on the spot!" Kyrgios shouted at Bernardes. “How is that possible? How is that possible! “The fourth round of Miami, one of the biggest tournaments and you guys just can’t do your job.

“It’s embarrassing, it is embarrassing!" Kyrgios didn't stop there as he continued: "Get rid of every single staff and start over, everything “I’ll run the sport, I could do a 100 times better job, marketing, everything!

“You guys have no idea, none”.

Kyrgios continued to rant during the first set tie-break and he was penalized with a point penalty.

After receiving a point penalty and losing the tie-break, Kyrgios went off at Bernardes. “What is unsportsmanlike!" Kyrgios shoted at Bernardes.

Kyrgios was then penalized with a game penalty as Sinner started the second set without doing anything. Sinner later broke Kyrgios in the ninth game to seal a 7-6 (3) 6-3. “Everything is just the worst when you’re in the chair,” Kyrgios added later in the direction of Bernardes. It remains to be seen if Kyrgios will be fined for his behavior during his Miami round-of-16 match.