Andy Roddick weighs in on Nick Kyrgios - Carlos Bernardes Miami feud

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Andy Roddick weighs in on Nick Kyrgios - Carlos Bernardes Miami feud

Former world No. 1 Andy Roddick thought Nick Kyrgios had a valid point when arguing with chair umpire Carlos Bernardes over a point penalty but acknowledged the Australian's reaction after the losing the first set wasn't right.

After Sinner took a 5-3 lead in the first set tie-break, Kyrgios told one of his friends in the stands, "You could do the job of the umpire." Bernardes wasn't happy with what he heard and hit Kyrgios with a point penalty.

Sinner took a 6-3 lead and won the tie-break after Kyrgios served a double fault in the 10th point. After losing the first set, Kyrgios unloaded on Bernardes and smashed his racket. Kyrgios was then hit by a game penalty as Sinner started the second set with a break without doing anything.

Roddick weighs in on the Kyrgios - Bernardes feud

”I actually didn't disagree with Nick (on) why he got the point penalty in the tie-breaker. You know, him saying this referee is bad to someone and someone else could do better.

I feel like he has a valid point there that Carlos, who I like, might have got his feelings hurt. That doesn’t seem like unsportsmanlike conduct. It seems like ego was in play there," Roddick said on Tennis Channel.

“He already wants to give you a warning. He’s personally offended and so your problem solving is to smash a racket to give him a break. That’s the point where you lose me a little bit. That was absolutely not the right thing to do if you want to win this tennis match”.

After losing the match, Kyrgios tweeted: "‘You could do the job of the umpire’ - what was said to my best friend that got me ‘unsportsmanlike code violation’ at 5-3 in the first set tie break.

With 100 of thousands of dollars on the line that was the decision he made because the umpires ‘feelings got hurt. GET NEW PEOPLE."