Daniil Medvedev might have to sign 'anti-Vladimir Putin forms' or face Wimbledon ban

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Daniil Medvedev might have to sign 'anti-Vladimir Putin forms' or face Wimbledon ban

British sports minister Nigel Huddleston has indicated that Daniil Medvedev might be required to sign "anti-Vladimir Putin forms" before he is allowed to play Wimbledon. Medvedev has already stated that he is against wars and any kinds of violence but that may not be enough for him to get the green light to compete at Wimbledon.

“We did make the request to governing bodies relating to individual sportspeople that if they (Russians or Belarusians) wish to participate in a UK sport, they are independent and neutral – and genuinely so," Huddleston said, per the Dailly Express.

“We wish to get the assurance of that in a written declaration that they are not receiving money from Putin, Russia or Belarus. That they will not be making supportive comments of Putin, Russia or Belarus. If people are saying they are neutral athletes, we want the assurance that they are genuinely neutral and therefore there isn’t any connection with Putin.

“If some individual sports or entities choose to do an outright ban of Russian or Belarusian athletes, then we will support that as well. But if they chose to go down the neutral route, then we are requesting they get that assurance”.

Medvedev didn't want to comment too much on a possible ban

In Miami, Medvedev was asked to give his thoughts on a possible ban. "Look, I try to take it tournament by tournament. I mean, there are always, you know, different rules, regulations in order to play or not to play.

You know, right now I'm here in Miami. I can play and I'm happy to play tennis," Medvedev said in Miami. "Don't have any response to Wimbledon." Medvedev and the rest of Russian tennis players have been allowed to continue competing in international events but they ar enot competing under the name or flag of Russia.