Patrick Mouratoglou reacts to Nick Kyrgios receiving hefty fine by ATP

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Patrick Mouratoglou reacts to Nick Kyrgios receiving hefty fine by ATP

Tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou couldn't help but wonder if Nick Kyrgios' meltdown was really worth a $35,000 fine. Kyrgios wasn't happy with Carlos Bernardes' officiating during his Miami round-of-16 match and he let the chair umpire hear it.

Kyrgios was fined for four separate offences as he was fined $20,000 for verbal abuse and $5,000 for audible obscenity. Also, Kyrgios was hit by two fines of $5,000 for unsportsmanlike conduct. "What do you think of this? Was that really worth $35,000?" Mouratoglou asked.

Kyrgios on why he was unhappy with Bernardes Kyrgios was by a costly penalty in the first set tie-break, before he was hit by a game penalty after losing the first set.

Jannik Sinner ended up beating Kyrgios 7-6 (3) 6-3.

"I mean, look, I just don't think he controls the crowd well at all, in my personal opinion," Kyrgios said. "People can have their opinions on it. I just don't think my point penalty was worth a point penalty.

"Literally, all I said to my team was I thought that Matthew Reid, an ex-tennis player, could do just as good a job in the umpire's chair. If that's worth a point penalty at 5-3 in the first-set tiebreak in the fourth round of Miami at a Masters event for hundreds of thousands of dollars, then that's for you to decide.

But I think it's ridiculous, in my opinion." Kyrgios was told during his press conference that Bernardes was considered as a good umpire. "I don't know. But like I'm just saying like I don't think like when everyone in that crowd is booing an umpire, and he's becoming the center of attention, that's not his job. Because no one in that entire stadium bought a ticket to see him talk or play or do what he does," Kyrgios said.