Boris Becker guilty of four charges related to bankruptcy, could face jail

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Boris Becker guilty of four charges related to bankruptcy, could face jail

Former world No. 1 Boris Becker has been found guilty of four charges under the Insolvency Act relating to his 2017 bankruptcy. Also, the ex-German tennis star was acquitted of a further 20 charges at Southward Crown Court. Becker, a former six-time Grand Slam champion, was accused of hiding millions of pounds worth of assets, including his two Wimbledon trophies, to avoid paying the debts.

Becker, who could face a jail sentence carrying a maximum term of seven years for each count, has been bailed ahead of his sentencing. Becker's sentencing has been scheduled for April 29.

Becker felt 'shocked and embarassed'

After Becker was declared bankrupt in 2017, he sad he felt "shocked" and "embarassed."

Earlier this year, Becker was Eurosport's tennis expert during the Australian Open. After Rafael Nadal won a record 21st Grand Slam title, Becker said it was a "day made for tennis history." "It was a day made for tennis history,” Becker told Eurosport after Nadal's Australian Open victory.

“We didn’t have Nadal at the top of our list a fortnight ago. He was fit, won the preparation tournament in Melbourne." After more than a decade, Nadal again won the Australian Open. On clay, Nadal has 13 French Open titles.

After winning a record 21st Grand Slam title by winning the Australian Open, Becker declared Nadal as the most successful player of all time. “Before that, Nadal was injured for half a year. Now we are wiser and Rafa has broken the record of Federer and Djokovic," Becker added.

“You make a mistake if you still call Rafa the clay court king. He has won on every surface and every Grand Slam tournament at least twice. “He is the most successful player of all time, we can say that loud and clear." Nadal will be hoping to win his 22nd Grand Slam title at the French Open.