Coach Riccardo Piatti opens on split with Jannik Sinner

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Coach Riccardo Piatti opens on split with Jannik Sinner

Coach Riccardo Piatti suggested Jannik Sinner wanted to try something different and that's why their long-term patnership ended. In February, Sinner announced a shock split from a coach that guided him to his first ATP titles and a top-10 ranking.

"I'm glad he made that decision. I have my philosophy, my methods. If anyone wants to stay here, they must submit to my methods. At 20, you may want to find new paths, it's part of life. Sure, he was part of the family, but you don't have to stay for your family.

Sometimes kids decide to go study abroad and then they leave. But if they stay, they must follow my methods," Piatti told RMC Info, per We Love Tennis.

Sinner replaced Piatti with Simone Vagnozzi

After parting ways with Piatti, Sinner added former Italian tennis player Vagnozzi to his coaching staff.

Sinner was grateful to Piatti for the work they did together but thought it was time to move on. "I did what I thought was good for me, even if the decision was not easy. to take. With Riccardo, we did an incredible job.

I left home at 13 to go there, I made it to the top-10," Sinner noted. Sinner hasn't won any titles since hiring Vagnozzi but he has some notable results. "He understands me. We talk each other about everything and when I ask him what I need, he already knows the answer.

We have yet to deepen our knowledge, but our relationship already reassures me," Sinner said of his collaboration with Vagnozzi. This week, Sinner kicked off his clay season at the Monte Carlo Masters. Sinner reached the quarterfinal, before he was edged out by Alexander Zverev in a thriller quarterfinal. Sinner fought extremely hard but it was Zverev that claimed a 5-7 6-3 7-6 (5) win in over three hours of play.