Tommy Robredo reflects on ending career in Barcelona

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Tommy Robredo reflects on ending career in Barcelona

Former world No. 5 Tommy Robredo's career came to an end this week in Barcelona and the 39-year-old said it was a perfect ending to his career. Robredo, who turned professional in 1998, played his first pro tournament in Barcelona.

24 years later, Robredo said goodbye to tennis on the same place where his tennis career started. “I grew up here. When I was 14, I started to be a member of the team competition. It was my first tournament as a professional when I was 16.

This is where I have most of my friends, and my family lives one hour from here. I think there is no better way to end a career than doing it in your tennis club, with your friends, with your family and with all the people that [have] followed you," Robredo said.

Robredo beaten by Bernabe Zapata Miralles

On Monday, Zapata Miralles saw off Robredo 6-1 6-1 in the Barcelona first round. After the match, Barcelona tournament David Ferrer, former French Open champion Juan Carlos Ferrero and Feliciano Lopez joined Robredo on the court for a special retirement ceremony.

There was a video presentation, in which Robredo was cognratulated by Andy Murray, David Nalbandian and Carlos Moya. “To have them on the video, to have them next to me, it's a special moment. I always will remember this because it's like a family.

It's a great honor to see great athletes, great people, great friends that spend a little bit of time just to say a few words to myself. We have been traveling together, playing together, having battles together. Winning, losing, but enjoying this world for many, many years.

I'm leaving this small group, but I'm not going to leave them. When we see each other, we go for dinner, we have a drink and we enjoy remembering things," Robredo added.