Not only Wimbledon: Russian, Belarusian players banned from all British tournaments

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Not only Wimbledon: Russian, Belarusian players banned from all British tournaments

Russian and Belarusian players have suffered another hit as the LTA has announced a ban for Russian and Belarusian players from all British tournaments scheduled for this grass season. The majority of the events during the grass season take place in England and now Russian and Belarusian players will need to try alternative solutions if they want to play during the grass season.

On Wednesday, the Wimbledon organizers confirmed what had been speculated for weeks - a ban for Russian players from competing at The Championships. Shortly after the Wimbledon announced their decision, the LTA followed by banning Russian and Belarusian players from all British events scheduled for this season.

The LTA statement on banning Russian and Belarusian players

"The LTA is today united with the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) in announcing a ban on all Russian and Belarusian players at its events," the LTA's statement read.

"After careful consideration the LTA believes that tennis must join many other areas of sport and public life in sending a clear signal to the Russian and Belarusian states that their actions in Ukraine are the subject of international condemnation.

"The continuing participation of Russian and Belarusian nationals at events risks providing a boost to these regimes when there is an unprecedented international effort to isolate them and sanction their actions. "The LTA also recognises that individual Russian and Belarusian players may not agree with the actions of their Governments and this is a situation beyond their control.

Never-the-less the national governing body believes that it is important to do all it can to support Ukraine at this time, and that this move has the support of the British public. "This decision, alongside that of the AELTC, also means that British tennis is delivering a consistent approach across all events over the course of the summer.

"The decision will impact pro-level adult and junior events in Great Britain and will last whilst the current situation continues in accordance with the UK Government guidance in place. The approach will be reviewed regularly and any future changes would be based on discussion with the UK Government."