Fans react to Nick Kyrgios brutalizing NSW Premier: Cooked him, fried Premier (WATCH)

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Fans react to Nick Kyrgios brutalizing NSW Premier: Cooked him, fried Premier (WATCH)

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios participated in a celebrity basketball game in Sydney and he put up a show for the crowd. Kyrgios, who returned to Australia after competing in the Sunshine Double and Houston, showed his basketball skills and made a highlight reel.

Kyrgios went against New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet and had two highlight plays against the most powerful politican in the New South Wales state. Early into the match, Perrottet attempted a shot from the paint but his shot never made it to the basket as Kyrgios blocked it.

Minutes later, Kyrgios put Perrottet on an island, crossed him and was left wide for a long two-pointer.

Corey "Homicide" Williams, a popular Australian basketball commentator, lost it after Kyrgios made the move on Perrottet.

“OMG @NickKyrgios put a series of moves on the NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet in the Celebrity ASG and hit the bucket. He blocked his shot twice,” NBL commentator Corey Williams posted on Twitter. “16 points 2 dimes 2 blocks in 20 minutes.

Even in a celebrity game he’s going hard. My man Nick ain’t no joke. #MustSeeTV”.

The reactions to Kyrgios' move on Perrottet

"Fried premier. RIP," one fan commented on Williams' Instagram post.

Another said: "Cooked him." Kyrgios' brother Christos commented: "This was so fantastic." Another fan wrote: "Dom got his ankles broken." Jokes aside, it was a match that had the goal of raising money for charity.

Starlight Celebrity Game Ben Fordham was grateful to everyone who took part in the game. “The premier has spoken - Kyrgios will be on his team next time,” Fordham said post-game. “We came away with the victory but Starlight was the biggest winner.

“Dom Perrottet was a good sport and put his reputation on the line. Nick Kyrgios was off his game a bit so I expect more from him next year”.