Prakash Amritraj makes big prediction about Carlos Alcaraz

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Prakash Amritraj makes big prediction about Carlos Alcaraz

Tennis analyst Prakash Amritraj has tipped Carlos Alcaraz to become a future world No. 1 as he thinks the sky is the limit for the mega talented 18-year-old. Alcaraz has had a stunning start to the season as he has claimed victories in Rio de Janeiro, Miami and Barcelona.

Alcaraz has now won at each level except the Grand Slam. Also, Alcaraz entered the top-10 following his Barcelona victory as he now enjoys a career-high ranking of No. 9 in the world. A fan asked Tennis Channel analyst Amritraj: "If Carlos alcaraz stays healthy, he will make the big 3 debate into the big 4?" "He's (Alcaraz) a future world number 1… he’s going to be part of whatever Big number exists at the time," Amritraj answered.

Alcaraz happy to be emulating Rafael Nadal

Alcaraz became a Grand Slam champion and a top-10 player while he is just 18.

"I'm happy to know that I'm in the Top 10 at 18 years old, and doing it on the same date as my idol Rafa is amazing," Alcaraz said. Alcaraz said winning Barcelona was a childhood dream come true. "It means a lot. I've watched this tournament since I was a kid.

I always wished to play in this tournament and, of course, to be able to win this tournament. So I'm really, really happy to be part of the Spanish history list," Alcaraz said. Alcaraz's popularity is growing by each day but he insists it is not changing who he is as a person.

"I've always been a normal boy. Fame doesn't scare me, I'm going to continue being the same as always, I'm not going to change the person I am," said Alcaraz. When it comes to his goals, Alcaraz just wants to continue working hard and see where it will take him.

"I don't have any limits, I don't want to set any. I want to continue playing at the level I have and I think that if I continue like this I have many options to continue climbing. I want to continue enjoying myself on the court, I still don't want to touch the ceiling," Alcaraz concluded.