Boris Becker having 'rough time' in jail

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Boris Becker having 'rough time' in jail

German tennis legend Boris Becker is reportedly having a "rough time" in jail as he is not too happy with the food served and he is also shocked by the lack of hygiene inside the prison. On April 29, Becker was sentenced to two and a half years after being found guilty of hiding assets after filling for bankruptcy in 2017.

“He is having a rough time and the worst thing of all is the food," a source told The Sun. “He cannot believe how bad it is and how small the portions are. One of his first meals was corned beef, which wasn’t good.

“But he will have to get used to it. He is also shocked at the lack of hygiene at the prison because it’s so overcrowded. “The conditions are miserable, almost inhumane. It can get cold in the cells and there’s hardly any daylight.

“It is all a massive shock to his system but he seems to be being treated OK”.

Becker's estranged wife was 'shocked' at the verdict

Lilly Becker, who still hasn't legally divorced from Becker even though the two went their separate ways several years ago, said she expected a "lighter" punishment.

Also, Lilly said telling 12-year-old son Amadeus about his father being jailed was the hardest thing she ever did. “It was the hardest thing I had to do with a 12-year-old. He just couldn’t grasp it. He still can’t.

It breaks my heart but it just made me into ‘tiger mumma’. I have just told a 12-year-old that his father is in jail and the saddest part was I couldn’t break it down because these kids are now going on YouTube and the internet. The internet is cruel. But he also has a loving support system around him," Lilly Becker said.