Nick Kyrgios talks importance of not getting too down on yourself after losses

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Nick Kyrgios talks importance of not getting too down on yourself after losses

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios says tennis is quite a specific sport and noted that a player can't get too down on himself after losses. Unlike team sports where teams usually have the whole week to prepare for their opponent, tennis players never know what to expect next as they play a big number of tournaments and face many different opponents throughout the course of the season.

"One thing I learned was, (in) tennis you have to be an unbelievable loser because only one person every week wins every match," Kyrgios told TopCourt. "Every week you are experiencing losses and and you are on your own most of the time, you have to pack up your suitcase, travel to a new place, and you have another chance to go out there and win.

But most often or not, you're going to experience another loss that week. So, you can't, I mean, everyone can tell you this, you can't get too beaten up by your losses, (in) tennis, especially because you experience them every week of your life.

And you just have to get back out there. And tennis is one of the sports where errors are part of the game. You are never going out there and play a perfect match."

Kyrgios: You can have a bad day and still win in tennis

One of the beauties of tennis is that player don't have to wait for too long to bounce back after disappointing losses and results.

For instance, you can have a rough period and lose a few matches in a row but then next week you enter a tnew ournament and win it all. Then, the mood and situation quickly change from negative to positive. "In a tennis match, you can lose 49 percent of points and still win the match.

So the beauty of tennis is awesome, that no matter how bad you are feeling, you can still just chip away. You can just build that confidence slowly back up. You can't get too bogged down by those losses," Kyrgios added.