Casper Ruud tells funny scene that often happens to him in market

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Casper Ruud tells funny scene that often happens to him in market

World No. 10 Casper Ruud admits he is not the most famous athlete from his country and jokingly revealed some people stop him in the market and ask if he is a famous person because they feel like they have seen him somewhere.

Ruud, who turned professional in 2015, enjoyed a breakout season on the ATP Tour last year and he is now considered as one of the best players on the Tour. However, there are far more popular sports in Norway than tennis and that's one of the reasons why Ruud isn't getting recognized as much as some other Norwegian athletes.

Not being that much recognizable is a positive thing for Ruud, who can go out with his friends without worrying about getting chased by fans.

Ruud: Norway has far more popular athletes than I am

“I still don't get chased when I walk around town, so that's good I guess.

We have other athletes who are more famous, like Haaland, the soccer player, who is perhaps Norway's biggest sports star right now. There are also other names like Karsten Warholm, Olympic gold medalist in the 400m hurdles.

Or Ingebrigtsen, who also won gold in the 1500m. As for me, I don't feel like a star yet. Often, in the supermarket, people tell me: 'I've seen your face before, I think I've seen you before' (laughs). Others just wish me luck, tell me to keep going, which is nice," Ruud revealed, per We Love Tennis.

Ruud is certainly a star as he is a seven-time ATP champion and a top-10 player. In early April, Ruud made his maiden Masters final in Miami. Unfortunately for Ruud, he didn't have an answer for Carlos Alcaraz in the Miami final.

Still, it was a positive result. Ruud has proved capavle of winning on the ATP 250 level and now he is determined to make strong results on the Grand Slam and Masters level.