Benoit Paire hopes for magical French Open run

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Benoit Paire hopes for magical French Open run

French tennis player Benoit Paire admits he is having a rough 2022 but remains hopeful he could make a solid run in front of his home fans at the French Open. Paire, who reached the Australian Open third round in January, is just 3-14 on the ATP Tour this season.

However, Paire is hoping to turn the page at Roland Garros and make a good run. Paire plays Ilya Ivashka in the French Open first round. "I'm having a disastrous start to the season, I'm not playing my best tennis, I'm not at my best mentally but it's Roland Garros and it's my favorite tournament where something magical can happen...

Let's have an incredible time! I don't promise you the best tennis match of your life, but let's set this court on fire and love it," Paire wrote on Instagram.

Paire has been plagued by mental struggles

Paire has been losing a lot not because he plays bad tennis but because he has been unable to close out sets and matches.

Several times this year Paire lost what looked to be an already won set or match. Recently, Paire admitted he gets extremely anxious when the time comes for him to close out a set or a match. "Well, yes. It's the same when I had my driving test or when people go to an exam at university, they feel anxious.

Well, instead of thinking the court is great, there is a good crowd, it's beautiful weather, instead of thinking that, I start asking myself questions about my forehand, about my backhand. I didn't ask myself those questions before," Paire explained.

"It's a pity, because I feel physically good and my tennis is good. But when I'm on the court, I feel heavy, I feel tired. That is what is tough." Pare reached the French Open last-16 in 2019.