Thanasi Kokkinakis reveals doubles plans with Nick Kyrgios

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Thanasi Kokkinakis reveals doubles plans with Nick Kyrgios

Thanasi Kokkinakis confirmed he and Nick Kyrgios won't be playing doubles together at the French Open but added he is hopeful the two could play together again at Wimbledon. In January, Kokkkinakis and Kyrgios put up a great run to win the Australian Open as a wildcard duo.

Kokkinakis is hoping he and Kyrgios play Wimbledon together and revealed the two might team up at some Masters events in the second half of the season. “So we won’t be playing at Roland Garros, but we’ll see what happens at Wimbledon – I’m hoping to play with Nick at Wimbledon,” Kokkinakis told AAP.

"And, hopefully, we can also play some Masters at the back end of the year. That should be fun. We’ll just play it by ear. It’s definitely not our focus, but we’ll play doubles where we can. We’re both singles players who happen to have had a couple good weeks in doubles, so we’ll see what happens”.

Kokkinakis, Kyrgios became Grand Slam champions together

Kokkinakis and Kyrgios have known each other since they were kids and have always had a strong relationship. After they won the Australian Open, Kyrgios said it was his favorite title.

“I have won some big titles around the world, played some amazing matches. This one ranks one for me,” Kyrgios said after he and Kokkinakis won the Australian Open. Kokkinakis and Kyrgios asked the Australian Open organizers for a wildcard because they wanted to have some fun and entertain Australian fans.

“To be a Grand Slam champion with my boy, we have known each other since we were eight, nine years old, done some serious things together, have had some serious experiences, but this is incredible. We didn't expect this at all,” Kokkinakis said. It remains to be seen if Kokkinakis and Kyrgios will play doubles again at Wimbledon.