Nick Kyrgios posts inspirational message ahead of grass season, Wimbledon

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Nick Kyrgios posts inspirational message ahead of grass season, Wimbledon

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios thinks challenges happen for a reason and eventually everything works out in a good way. Kyrgios, who appeared in only one clay event this clay season, is set to kick off his grass season in Stuttgart.

Kyrgios, who admitted to being in a dark place a few years, has been playing some of his best tennis this year and he appears be doing great on and off the court. "I feel like we come to a place in our life where no matter what we been through, deep down inside we know everything’s gonna be aight!

So laugh at the bad times, live in the moment, and know that everything truly happens for a reason!" Kyrgios wrote on Instagram.

Kyrgios shut down Bernard Tomic's offer

Recently, Tomic said he was Kyrgios' idol and made a one-million dollar challenge to his fellow compatriot.

“I’ll put up a million and you put up a million, let’s see who is the better player,” Tomic told the Gold Coast Bulletin. “Let the public see who is better for once and for all. I’ve beaten you easy before and I’ll do it again.

Plus we’ll play on grass so you don’t make any excuses. Anywhere, anytime." Kyrgios addressed the Tomic comments, stating that he is open for playing the former Wimbledon quarterfinalist - but on the ATP Tour. Tomic is ranked outside the top-400 and Kyrgios told him to improve his ranking and then he might get a shot at him.

“I’m just going to give you a quick video to kill this Bernard Tomic v Nick Kyrgios type talk,” Kyrgios said in an Instagram Story. “I woke up this morning and I saw he challenged me to a boxing match, put your money where your mouth is or accept that I am better.

There’s no need to go through the media (and) use my name to get relevant again. Let’s just see your results, stop living in the past and let’s play each other on the main tour."