Nick Kyrgios: Bernard Tomic is dead broke

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Nick Kyrgios: Bernard Tomic is dead broke

Nick Kyrgios said he was disappointed after seeing the comments Bernard Tomic made about him as he felt he was standing by Tomic's side when the whole world was against him. On Instagram, Tomic said he was Kyrgios' idol and stated that he's the better player of the two.

Tomic is ranked outside the top-400, while Kyrgios became a Grand Slam champion this year. “He’s not relevant anymore, he’s not good anymore, and he’s obviously got money issues. For someone who actually tried to stand up for him before and actually try and help him out, my family helped him out before.

I paid for his flights back from Shanghai because he had no money," Kyrgios said, per The Daily Telegraph.

Kyrgios: Tomic is dead broke, tournaments still pay me 50k euros to play

Tomic challenged Kyrgios to a one-million dollar match.

Kyrgios responded by saying he has nothing against facing him, but on the ATP Tour. Also, Kyrgios suggested Tomic doesn't really have the million as he thinks Tomic is "dead broke." “For him to come out and attack me is extremely disrespectful, I think.

I am one of the people who actually tried to stand by him and tried to support him. First of all, I don’t know who’s going to put the million dollars for him because he’s dead broke. Second of all, I have bigger fish to fry.

I’m trying to get ready for Wimbledon and the US Open. But one day if it happens I want 95 per cent of the cut because no one is watching it for him anymore;" Kyrgios added. "He’s got a lot of struggles right now, and I feel for him.

He’s someone that had an extremely brutal upbringing and there’s no denying that. But I feel like he lives in the past now, it’s time to take ownership of your life, show some accountability. I’m making millions of dollars right now, tournaments are still paying me €50,000 (AU$74,000) just to show up.

I don’t need to get in the ring, I’m not desperate. I’m a professional tennis player, still playing at the highest level of sport. Bernard is not."