Mischa Zverev on Alexander Zverev's terrible injury: The ankle was gone

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Mischa Zverev on Alexander Zverev's terrible injury: The ankle was gone

Mischa Zverev didn't have to wait for the scans on Alexander Zverev's ankle as it was clear to him from the first moment that his brother had sustained a serious injury. In the French Open semifinal versus Rafael Nadal, Alexander badly rolled his ankle and started crying in pain.

As Zverev was lying down on the court in pain, Nadal approached him to check on him. Zverev couldn't get up on his own and a few minutes he retired the match. Over the weekend, Zverev revealed he had torn several ligaments in his ankle.

“Sascha never cries! Something bad must have happened! That’s impossible!” Mischa said on Eurosport Germany as he was reacting to the injury. "The ankle was gone. That was an angle, in that position nothing can stick.

He couldn’t get up. He was really screaming”.

Mischa Zverev: Losing a tennis match is not the worst thing in the world.

Getting injured in a Grand Slam semifinal is a very unfortunate way to finish your Grand Slam campaign.

"You can’t compare that with anything,” Mischa told Eurosport Germany’s Matchball. “When you are injured like Sascha is now, a piece of your life is taken away from you for a certain time because you can’t walk, you can’t be on the tennis court.

But there are much worse situations, much more serious problems in the world today. Losing in the semi-finals of a Grand Slam tournament is the smallest problem. It’s not even a luxury problem, it’s pure luxury”.

Zverev came to Paris determined to lift his maiden Grand Slam title. During the tournament, Zverev stated that he is 25 and that it's time for him to start winning Grand Slams. Zverev was competing well versus Nadal before he suffered the freak injury that forced him to retire the match. It remains to be seen if Zverev will be able to play Wimbledon.