Mischa Zverev gives update on Alexander Zverev

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Mischa Zverev gives update on Alexander Zverev

Mischa Zverev has confirmed that Alexander Zverev is doing well in his recovery from an ankle surgery as rehab has started and the German is looking forward to returning to action later this summer. Zverev, 25, badly rolled his ankle during his French Open semifinal match versus Rafael Nadal.

After the match, the scans revealed Zverev tore several ligaments in his ankle. Zverev underwent an ankle surgery just days after the injury and so far his recovery has been going well. “He’s training all parts of his body that are healthy,” Mischa told Sky Sports.

“He’s in a positive mood. We joke about his stiff foot. He’s smiling and looking forward to coming back”.

Zverev hopes to be able to play the US Open

Zverev and Nadal were in the middle of a tense battle when the German sustained a horror injury.

Zverev started crying in pain and the crowd went silent as it was evident that the German was done. “I only remember three noises. Noises that sounded like something breaking in quick succession: crack, crack, crack, very quickly,” Zverev told Bild am Sonntag.

“Then I was in extreme pain, it was crazy. As if someone had shot my foot”. Zverev is hoping to be ready for the US Open and he has made it clear that if he plays at Flushing Meadows, he is there to win the title.

"I won't be someone who plays after being ready for it for one second. If I play the US Open then to win them and not for one or two rounds," Zverev told Bild am Sonntag. "I will only return if I have this form.

I don't know whether it will be the US Open because I would have to play one or two tournaments beforehand. But I haven't written off New York."