Andy Murray reveals his goal after Wimbledon exit

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Andy Murray reveals his goal after Wimbledon exit

Former world No. 1 Andy Murray reveals he aims a top-30 return as his goal is to be seeded at Grand Slams. Murray, who started the season ranked outisde the top-100, is now the 52nd-ranked player in the world. Murray has improved his ranking for about 80 positions since the start of the season but he is not satisfied yet as this ranking doesn't bring him a seeding at a Grand Slam.

“I really want to try and improve my ranking to a level where I'm getting seeded in Slams. That was a goal of mine sort of post Miami,” said Murray, who wasn’t seeded at Wimbledon as he is ranked No.

52 in the world. “I've spoken to my team a lot about that, and that's something that I want to try and put myself in a position hopefully come the US Open. If not the US Open, then going into the Australian Open next year where I'm seeded again.

That means obviously I'll need to be out there competing and winning matches because it does make, like I said, things trickier."

Murray failed to make a deep Wimbledon run

Murray defeated unseeded James Duckworth in the Wimbledon first round but then stumbled upon 20th-seeded John Isner, who handed him a four-set defeat.

Murray was visibly disappointed after an early Wimbledon exit but added he remains hopeful that he can do well at the US Open. Murray lifted his maiden Grand Slam title at the US Open in 2012. “I was coming into Wimbledon feeling like I could have a deep run.

If you're playing against top guys right at the beginning of the event, obviously makes it a little bit more challenging. That's kind of what my goals are between now and the US Open. I could have had a good run here.

One of the reasons why improving your ranking and trying to get seeded is important, avoid playing top players and dangerous guys like that early in tournaments," Murray added.