Stefanos Tsitsipas takes cheeky shot at Nick Kyrgios after Wimbledon controversy

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Stefanos Tsitsipas takes cheeky shot at Nick Kyrgios after Wimbledon controversy

Stefanos Tsitsipas fired a cheeky shot at Nick Kyrgios following their Instagram match as the Greek used the Australian's tattoo message as a caption for his Instagram post. Tsitsipas and Kyrgios clashed in what was a very heated battle as the Australian beat the Greek 6-7 (2) 6-4 6-3 7-6 (7) in the Wimbledon third round.

Tsitsipas and Kyrgios were going at it throughout the entire match and it continued during their post-match press conferences. Tsitsipas called Kyrgios an "evil bully," to which Kyrgios responded by calling Tsitsipas "soft" and not very likable in the locker room.

On his leg, Kyrgios has a quote tattooed: "Give a man a mask and he will become his true self."

Tsitsipas called Kyrgios an 'evil bully'

"It's constant bullying," Tsitsipas said of Kyrgios' behavior.

"He was probably a bully at school. I don't like bullies. He has a very evil side to him." Also, Tsitsipas complained that Kyrgios' behavior was causing too much distraction to him. "I wish we could all come together and put a rule in place.

I don't know. Something about talking. Why would you be talking while you're playing? It makes no sense," Tsitsipas added. "Every single point that I played today I feel like there was something going on on the other side of the net.

That's his way of manipulating the opponent and making you feel distracted, in a way. There is no other player that does this. There is no other player that is so upset and frustrated all the time with something. I really hope all us players can come up with something and make this a cleaner version of our sport, have this kind of behaviour not accepted, not allowed, not tolerated."

Tsitsipas and Kyrgios found themselves in a very heated battle and the Greek admitted he purposely tried to hit the Australian with the ball in the third set.