Christos Kyrgios opens on brother Nick Kyrgios' darkest times

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Christos Kyrgios opens on brother Nick Kyrgios' darkest times

Christos Kyrgios said there was time when his brother Nick became "distracted" and it was hard for him to see his brother depressed and using alcohol as a coping mechanism for his problems. Earlier this year, Kyrgios opened up in an emotional Instagram post, describing his battle with depression.

A few years ago, Kyrgios found himself in a dark spot and he was using alcohol, drugs and battling suicidal thoughts. Now, Kyrgios is a happy man and he has been playing the tennis of his life in 2022. “For a big chunk of the last six or seven years, I lost my little brother.

That kid I grew up with, who was so carefree and engaging, was almost gone. The world changed him. Tennis changed him. He became distracted; always worried about something. Even when you were with him, he wasn’t present in the moment,” Christos wrote in his column for The Sydney Morning Herald.

“People wouldn’t know this but Nick and I stopped talking for quite a while. When he was going out until all hours of the morning, trying to drink his way out of his depression, I overstepped the mark. I crossed the line.

Although, in my heart I know it was coming from a good place."

Christos Kyrgios: Nick was clearly unhappy

"He was a prisoner in his own body, going through the motions without any sense of happiness in the life he'd worked so hard to make for himself.

I'd come over to visit mum and dad's, and Nick wouldn't get out of bed before midday. And when he did, he was straight out the door. In four or five days, I'd see him for an hour. I missed my brother. I didn't know this other person that he had become," Christos added.

In the rest of the column, Christos Kyrgios credited Costeen Hatzi for helping his brother Nick find himself again. Kyrgios started dating Hatzi late last year and the Kyrgios family says everything has changed for the better since Hatzi has been in the 27-year-old's life.