Andy Murray was 'concerned' after seeing evidence of self-harm on Nick Kyrgios' body

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Andy Murray was 'concerned' after seeing evidence of self-harm on Nick Kyrgios' body

Nick Kyrgios' mother Norlaila revealed that Andy Murray expressed concern after noticing the evidence of self-harm on the Australian's body a few years ago. Earlier this year, Kyrgios opened up in a lengthy emotional post, describing his battle with depression.

A couple of years ago, Kyrgios found himself in a dark sport and he turned to self-harm, drugs and alcohol. Now, Kyrgios is ln a much better place and the reason why he went public with his story was because he wanted to show that it's possible to beat depression and live a happy life.

“The self-harming. I saw that and people told me that,” Norlaila Kyrgios told Nine News in an interview, per Eurosport. “I asked him about it and he didn’t want to talk about it at that time. John spoke to me that Andy is worried about Nick because he can see some evidence of self-harm.

I blame others for that. For just pressuring him, criticising him. Even people we thought might be supporting him. That period was very hard. I just wanted to be next to him constantly so that I could see him. If I could see him I know he’s okay.

And if I can’t see him I worry about him so much that it becomes very difficult”.

Norlaila Kyrgios was proud of her son

At Wimbledon, Kyrgios reached his maiden Grand Slam final. In the Wimbledon final, Kyrgios competed extremely well against Novak Djokovic but the Serb escaped with a 4-6 6-3 6-4 7-6 (3) win.

“I am happy,” Norlaina Kyrgios said before the final. “I will celebrate this occasion. Whether he wins or loses, I am super proud that he made it through everything. I’m happy that he’s come out well the other end.

You just don’t know what pressure does to people. It’s worrying for a parent”. Kyrgios was playing great tennis throughout the entire tournament but Djokovic was simply too strong for him in the final.