Benoit Paire opens up about his battle with depression

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Benoit Paire opens up about his battle with depression

Benoit Paire has opened up about his battle with depression as the Frenchman has turned to professional help, hoping to rediscover his happiness in life. The past two years haven't been easy for Paire, who has been struggling since the start of the pandemic.

Paire hasnt really been enjoying tennis for the past two years and not being happy on the court has impacted his personal life. “My head, I don’t know when it will get better. It’s an injury that can be very long and I hope it will be as short as possible,” Paire told French online media Brut, per Tennis Majors.

“I realised that I needed help and that I needed to be better on the court. I’m seeing shrinks, a lot of people to try to understand what’s happening to me. On my own, I couldn’t cope. I see a hypnotist, a psychologist.

I have a mental trainer to discuss a lot of things to try to correct this”.

Paire: As soon as I'm stressed, i get anxious

Paire is just 3-17 on the main level this year but he has lost some pretty winnable matches.

Closing out sets and matches has been a struggle for Paire this season, who usually gets himself in a pretty good position to win a set or a match but then simply "freezes" on the court. Earlier this year, Paire admitted to having some kind of mental block when the moment comes to close out a set or a match.

Now, Paire has turned to professional help and has made some changes to his daily routines. “It’s difficult because I don’t necessarily feel happy in my life, because tennis is complicated. What I need to do is to find the right balance, to celebrate, but also to be serious and to prepare well for tournaments.

That’s what I’m having a bit of trouble doing at the moment. That’s why I’m going to start from scratch. It’s been two days since I last drank alcohol (smile), I’m in the middle of a cure. I have a little bit of stress coming onto a court, when that’s what I enjoyed when I was good before.

Even without practising a lot, I was able to come out with big matches because I liked that, the adrenaline. I used to like the stressful moments and now it’s become more and more complicated. As soon as I’m stressed, I get anxious and panic," Paire explained.